How to Properly Use this Supplement to Help Your Health Issues

The caffeine in the pure green coffee bean extract has plenty of great effects on the body, so make sure to check them out, but if your body is extremely sensitive to the substance, then there can be side effects when you take too much. However, this can be controlled if you simply take it as recommended and not self-diagnose or take more than you should. Make sure to read the instructions that come on the back side of the bottle or it can be prescribed for you by your doctor, so follow their instructions.


Who and How to Take the Supplement

There have been people who have suffered from an allergic reaction from the pure green coffee bean extract, so make sure that you stop taking these if you notice that. Also, these shouldn’t be taken by children or women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. Currently, there haven’t been any major studies undertaken to show the most optimal dosage, but some of the studies had used various dosages from 120mg up to 300mg. However, the amount you should take directly corresponds to the amount of chlorogenic acid that is in the various supplements. This should be taken only 1 time per day and about 30 minutes before one of your meals.

Make sure that you follow the dosage directions exactly as they are written to ensure that you get the best benefits and no side-effects from the drug. Don’t take more than is recommended to ensure that you don’t overload your body and harm it.