A Guide About PALS Course

PALS is the acronym of pediatric advanced life support. Under this, you learn how to save the kids, infants and adolescent from cardio arrest. There are many health care centers in Fort Myers who provide certification course in PALS to medical or non medical students and the interested people. Pals certification in Fort Myers teaches students by giving theoretical as well as practical knowledge in this regard. A child’s cardiopulmonary health assessment is done using the three mentioned methods.

pediatric advanced life suport

  • Airway assessment: This technique is used to determine child’s ability to breath. Airway is a passage through which a person sucks air. Child with lower respiratory count should be given aggressive airway technique.
  • Breathing assessment: Through this person’s oxygen sucking capacity is judged. Factors that help in assessing breathing of a person are pulse rate, his body color, sound of breathing etc. The skin of a patient in case of no oxygen turns pale and then blue.
  • Circulation assessment: In this a child’s overall body is assessed. The child’s heart rate, urine color, his conscious level, temperature of body etc. is judged.

Features of a classroom

  • The classroom uses video lectures through which you are taught the signs of instability in a person, things to do when a person suffers cardio arrest, respiratory distress and failure.
  • Course uses artificial models of body to give you vivid practical knowledge regarding the pediatric diseases.
  • You can even ask the feedback from your teachers. Certificate will be given to you after you pass with minimum prescribed number.