Essential Oils: How Essential Are They To Your Life

Essential oils are liquid substances that are extracted from plants. In other words, they are the essence of a certain plant squeezed out mostly through distillation, and poured into a small bottle. Examples of essential oils are eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, oregano oil and a lot more. They are not only called essential oils because they came from the essence of a plant but also because it has essential purposes and uses in your life.

Popular and Essential Uses of Essential Oils

  • Cleansers: Essential oils are very good cleansers not only because they make it easy for stains and dirt to be removed because of their greasy texture but also because of their disinfectant properties. When you use them for cleaning dishes, laundry, etc. you can be assured they are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils release a soothing and relaxing fragrance, which is why they are good for aromatherapy. Good Quality aromatherapy diffusers for stress relief can help you relax at home, detoxify the air inside the home as well as keep your home smelling fresh and clean.
  • Healing: Essential oils also have healing properties especially those that are known to have antibacterial or antiseptic properties like tea tree oil. They can treat wounds, cuts and soothe skin problems too.
  • Repel and Kill Pests: The scent of essential oils may be soothing for humans but not for pests which is why they make really effective insect repellent products. They can even be used to kill pests.
  • Food: Some essential oils can be used for cooking varied dishes like cakes as well as make tea. Whether you purchase essential oils or other brands, make sure you buy organic oils.

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