Get Rid Of The Varicose Veins

It can be embarrassing for you to live with the varicose vein or spider vein. If you are also suffering from this condition, then you can take help from the experts in Belfast to treat it. You can easily find the experts for varicose veins treatment in Belfast.

Treatment of the varicose vein


There are surgical and no surgical treatments which can be performed by the expert neuron specialist or cosmetic surgeon to treat the condition. In Belfast, there are many clinics which offer specialised treatments for the varicose veins.

Laser therapy for treating varicose vein

In this therapy, laser beam is allowed to penetrate into the varicose vein to enable the vein to fade away. Neither any injection nor chemical is used while treating the varicose vein with the help of laser beam.

Microsclerotherapy for treatment of the varicose vein

With the help of the very fine needle, a chemical compound is injected into the varicose vein and spider vein.  This chemical is responsible for scarring the inner lining of the varicose vein to close it off.

Vein ligation and stripping

In severe cases of the varicose vein and spider vein, this therapy is used to treat them. With the help of small incision, the veins are removed from the affected area.

Home remedies to treat varicose veins

There are many experts in Belfast who suggest that compression stockings also work well in treating the varicose vein. It helps in improving the blood circulation in your hands and legs. It is also helpful in reducing the pain and swelling in the affected area and allows the blood to flow in the upwards direction.